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8 Tips to Save Electricity

Lighting metaphor, bulb in wood house | Q EELCTRIQUE

Many customers often ask us what are the best tips to save on their electricity bill. We decided to present you with a list of easy-to-adopt behaviors and ideas to help you save on your electricity bill. Most require little or no investment and will allow you to achieve real results in terms of energy […]

Is a fuse sign safe?

panneau à fusible

So we need to clarify this subject. Compare the fuse panel to the circuit breaker panel. Many people mistakenly think that fuse panels are outdated and dangerous. When properly installed, the fuse panel is very safe. The operation of a fuse is very different from that of a circuit breaker. A master electrician can guide […]

Doing electrical work yourself

danger électricité soi-même

Many of our clients wonder what they really have the right to do as work at home. In fact, what you need to know is that by law, no one is allowed to do electrical work at home or elsewhere without a licence. What is electrical work? Replace a power outlet Replace a fixture Make […]