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Lighting Services

Our professionals are not only skilled electricians; they can also advise you on the lighting of your building.

We offer a complete range of lighting services, including LED retrofitting, recessed lighting installation, outdoor lighting, parking lot lighting, and ambiance lighting.

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Different Lighting Options According to Desired Style

We work closely with interior designers and other trades to create bright and functional living spaces. Trust our expertise for lighting that enhances the beauty and safety of your building while being energy-efficient.

Additionally, our lighting solutions adhere to safety standards and building codes to improve the energy efficiency of your place, thereby reducing your energy costs in the long term.

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éclairage chaleureux résidentiel

Energy and Cost Savings

Lighting has become an important factor in energy savings. The advent of LED (light-emitting diode) lighting has revolutionized the world of lighting!

These new types of lighting provide substantial energy savings and a much longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs. The operating principle is different and offers a plethora of significant advantages.

By working with us, you ensure that certain details are addressed for fluidity and continuity in your lighting. For example:

  • The colour of the lighting (measured in degrees Kelvin)
  • The number of lumens produced by the source
  • The angle of the light beam
  • The control of the lighting fixtures

Whether your lighting needs are residential, commercial, or industrial, Groupe Quenneville is your trusted partner for optimal and durable lighting.

Property Lighting Services

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Certification and Insurance

As a member of the Corporation of Master Electricians of Quebec, we are authorized to perform electrical work in all types of buildings. Our liability insurance coverage is up to 5 million dollars.
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Our work is guaranteed for a period of 5 years.

5 years warranty