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Appliance Connection

The connection of electrical appliances must be carried out according to industry standards to ensure the safety of your installations and the integrity of your machines.

It is crucial to connect properly, taking into account the gauge of the wiring, the number of phases, overload protection, thermal protectors, and much more.

A properly executed installation ensures not only the optimal performance of your equipment but also its longevity.

For reliable and secure connections, trust our expertise.

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Optimal Connection

Connecting electrical appliances may seem simple at first glance, but many factors must be considered. Each connection requires precise calculations to ensure the durability and performance of your electrical installations and machines.

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By calling on Groupe Quenneville, you benefit from our expertise for a reliable and optimal installation. We take into consideration elements such as amperage, voltage, frequency, overcurrent and overheating protection, strictly following the manufacturer’s specifications and the electrical code.

Trust us to ensure the long-term proper functioning of your equipment while providing you with peace of mind. With us, you are assured that your appliances are installed correctly and safely.

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Certification and Insurance

As a member of the Corporation of Master Electricians of Quebec, we are authorized to perform electrical work in all types of buildings. Our liability insurance coverage is up to 5 million dollars.
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Our work is guaranteed for a period of 5 years.

5 years warranty